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If there was one place in Princeton I could suggest it would be Trilogy Performance Sports. It’s like a large family everyone there just shows love and push each other to be excellent. The environment is awesome and the gym has everything u need plus some to get better.
I am on the Caldwell County basketball team and this summer I was thinking of ways I could get better. My mom suggested no other than Jesse Oliver because a couple years ago he worked with my brother and his improvement was very fast. So as I came in I could barely pop the rim. But over a period of 2-3 months my vertical increased by nearly 5 inches and it has shown. I can now dunk and do so much more with the help of Jesse Oliver and the TPS team.
Also, if you wanted to be better than you are now this is the place to be. It will boosts your confidence and abilities, you could ask anyone that goes here and they would tell you this has made them better than they used to be. The TPS staff is awesome they are always on the ball and are so easy to get along with. It’s awesome and I don’t know what I was doing not coming here. All in all, if you want to be better come to TPS.

Jay Spikes

Lori Holloway.jpg

What helped you get through this year so far?? For me it’s been the ability to continue to go to the gym, except for the short period of time when gyms were closed and still then my Coach stayed connected with me offering workouts I could do at home.
My friends and GREAT Coach Jesse Oliver give me the support and encouragement I need to keep going. Getting an hour a day to just work on me and release the stress of the day has been immeasurable.
Please take time for yourself, find people who support you and push you to do your best. Not the best but YOUR best. We have an outstanding gym here in Princeton with equipment, classes and the most encouraging people you could ever meet.
Check out Trilogy Performance Sports, I’ve been a member 6 years now and have never regretted a day in the gym.

Lori Holloway


As a local high school basketball coach we partnered with Trilogy Performance Sports for the past few seasons as another resource to help us train in the preseason. We made a great decision! Knowing the owners personally and both of them being Tiger Alumni, I knew that they would train and coach our players in such a way that would assist in preparing them for the upcoming season. All I can say is our expectations were exceeded! Having Trilogy only a few miles from the school was beneficial but quickly fell lower on the list of benefits we received. The staff at Trilogy pushed our players to improve their strength, speed, agility, and overall toughness. Another important aspect was that each workout was designed with basketball in mind and many workouts used their indoor court. However, it very quickly became more than just a place to train. It helped with team building and chemistry, toughness, communication skills, perseverance, and added another group of people that the players knew cared about their success both as a player and as a person. The gains that the coaches and players were able to see in both performance and mindset made us all feel like it was time well spent!

Coach Daniel Kukahiko

john falder crop.jpg

Jannette’s invitation has opened up a whole new interest in my health and believe me it is paying dividend. After three (+) years of yoga the instructor is without a doubt our animated leader and go to person.  Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual Wellness journey that rewards one’s self. The benefit of yoga more than exceeds the time and effort you put into your routine. At first my physical look was telling me yoga was unorthodox but then my brain kicked in thank goodness and told me that yoga was good for me!

John Falder

Janet forsythe.jpg

Trilogy is a great place to workout and get stronger. We are like a big family, supporting and encouraging each other. Our small group class is made up of men and women both younger and older. We have fun too. We motivate each other to do more or to keep going. Jesse works hard to give us a variety of exercises and workouts to do each week. Even when something is challenging, he helps you be successful at the level you can do. I feel more confident in what I can do each week. Even when there are setbacks, Jesse finds a way for you to still workout according to what you are able to do. All the coaches are encouraging and want to help you achieve your goals. Without Trilogy, I wouldn't have the accountability to workout. Knowing that I have support from my friends at Trilogy helps me to keep it up.

If you are looking for a place to workout by yourself, in a small group, or a large group or just to use the cardio machines, Trilogy is the place to be. There really is something for everyone.

Janet Forsythe

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